Network and Equipment

What is crucial for your online business? --Your company data must be delivered to your customers--
This requires 2 major components.

  • Having the data ready, safe and available (HW and Storage media must be as reliable as possible)
  • Being able to deliver it 24/7 (Having reliable connection to the Internet)
That is the reason why our servers are located in "Telecom District" downtown Los Angeles, with multi-Gigabit connection. 1Gb bandwidth available for each machine. All your data is stored on SSD (Solid State Drive) the most reliable storage media, with data retention 10 years and MTBF (mean time between failure) up to 208 years.

Network overview
  • Tier One Los Angeles Data Center
  • Connection to BGP4 multi Gigabit backbone
  • 24x7 secure facility access
  • UPS Diesel Generators
  • 1 Gigabit per machine bandwidth
  • High level security

Our equipment is located in Equinix's Los
Angeles facility. The facility has received
numerous engineering awards for excellence
in design.

Check our connection saturation, you will see why we are so fast. And we have room to grow on demand, instantly.

  • Mac servers with latest operating system
  • Gigabit interconnection between servers
  • Remote monitoring, Remote access


  • iTools for Mac OSX or
  • Mac OSX Server 10.6
  • Apache with Bind 9.3 DNS or
  • DNS Anycast (worldwide nameservers)
  • Lasso 8.5.x
  • Surgemail Mail server or
  • Mac OSX Mail server with iCal, iContact and Push
Service Status: web mail Service is up and running MySQL MySQLIsOK
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